Ready to Go Again

So we haven’t updated the blog for a year, but we have made a few short trips in the van between last summer and now.

This evening we are all packed to drive to Hull tomorrow and take the overnight ferry to Rotterdam. From there we will drive through the Netherlands, into Germany, Switzerland and Italy for a final destination of Bardolino, Lake Garda. We plan to take a couple of days to cover this and spend most our our time relaxing around Lake Garda, before heading back home.     

Sadly the dogs are staying home this trip as we thought it would be too warm for them.

We’ll be posting routinely as we go.



On the drive from Honfleur to Jumieges, near Rouen, the GPS was in cahoots with the toll companies. First crossing a toll bridge over the Seine to then cross back over another toll bridge over the Seine some miles later.
Later we were surprised when we arrived at another river Seine crossing. This time a small free ferry.

Wendy was somewhat light hearted about the unscheduled detour.


We arrived at Camping de la Foret and plan to stay here for a couple of days.

It has been another very hot day so Max took cover under the van as usual, whilst Pepsi prefers being in the cab, with the windows and door open.



There’s a derelict abbey here from 1042. Very impressive.
Apparently William the Conqueror visited here after the battle of Hastings; and Edward the Confessor was educated here.




Trouville sur Mer & Honfleur

Headed further along the coast today via Trouville sur Mer, Douville etc and arrived back at Honfluer. This was one of our favourite stops last week so we planned to return.
Unusually, never took any photos today.
Today has been a showery day. The first wet day so far.

Bayeux and the D-Day Beaches

Travelled inland a little to visit Bayeux and view the tapestry.
Bayeux certainly do not make life easy to park a MotorHome!!
We only saw the tapestry because we really wanted to and persevered to find a parking space. 4 circuits later…




We visited Gold, Juno and Sword beaches along the coast. There are allied forces flags flying all around this coast. It was certainly a thought provoking day. You might know your history better than I do, but I found it amazing to think the British forces towed a concrete floating harbour to Arromanches to land equipment. Much of this is till floating after 70 years!





Pirou on the Dunes

Left Le Mont St Michel and travelled along the coast passing through a number of coastal villages eventually stopping at Pirou, camping at a campsite at the top of the dunes beside the beach.
Today was easily the hottest day so far.



Wendy was trying her best to remain in the shade.


Everyone around here tows their boat to the water with their tractor…


Sunset was particularly nice.