Conversion Day 2

Today was a better day in terms of getting things done. As we are waiting for the materials to insulate the van walls we decided that today we would lift the flooring that was already down on the floor, seal any holes, insulate the floor and then relay the flooring. We had contemplated buying new materials for the floor but the flooring in the van was in great condition so there was no good reason for not reusing it.

Before starting the work for today Ian spent time online ordering the wire, fuses etc that he needed for adding the 12v system to the van.

We lifted the floor, sealed the holes with sikaflex and screwed wooden batons across the van. We then laid 25mm Jablite insulation between the batons. Finally we relaid the floor and screwed it into the batons. So the van looks pretty much like it did at the start of the day but you certainly already feel the difference in your feet when standing in the van.

As there was still some daylight left Ian decided to start the job of fitting the reversing camera that we had purchased at the Scottish Show. The monitor we chose was a mirror mounted model. The van we purchased didn’t have a rear view mirror but we managed to pick one up from eBay and it did the job just fine.

If the insulation arrives tomorrow as promised we will get on with insulating the walls, if not Ian will have plenty to keep him busy with the reversing camera.


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