The Conversion Begins

We now have the van! On Saturday we travelled by train down to Carlisle where we were collected at the station by Johnny from Robert Little Garage. He drove us back to the garage where we completed all the paperwork and parted with a large sum of money. The garage folks were true to their word, tidying up the few bits and pieces we had identified when we first viewed the van. They were even good enough to put two new tyres on the rear and give the van a full years MOT. We couldn’t fault their service and would recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a van for their conversion.

We drove the van home through some patches of heavy fog but we had no problems and we arrived home safe and sound.

On Sunday we made a start on the conversion.  We removed the ply lining and made a start on the insulation. Unfortunately this is where we realised we had made our first mistake. We had decided to go with Jablite insulation for the walls but it was too rigid and we couldn’t easily manoeuvre it into the spaces in the van. Lesson learned, only one pack opened so the rest will be returned and we have ordered a more pliable insulation from eBay for next day delivery so hopefully we will still get the van insulated over the holiday weekend.


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