Conversion Day 3

Well today was the third day of our camper conversion and the last day of the holiday weekend. Tomorrow we will be back at work and any other work will need to wait until the weekend.

Today’s work was dependent on some of the materials we had ordered on next day delivery actually arriving!

Not to waste time Ian began the day working on the reversing camera that he had started to install yesterday. This involved making the first holes in our van, although not as big as some we will need cut, scary none the less. The camera was mounted and all the cables run. A call to David from DRW Electronics just to make a quick check and the job was done. Ian decided to power it from the 12v outlet at the moment and put in the permanent wiring when he installs the split charge relay. The camera was switched on and we could see behind the van. Having the mirror mounted camera makes it a very natural motion to look up and see what is behind you.

We then went post-it happy, using them to mark out all the electrical items. This has allowed Ian to plan his wiring. He had ordered the wire and other electrical bits from Kojaycat on next day delivery. They were the best value we could find online and the stuff arrived early this morning, the service was excellent.

Our insulation from toeragtruckmats also arrived as promised on next day delivery. We used this to insulate the walls but we will need to order some more to do the roof.

Finally today we ordered the stuff we will need for the weekend. We ordered two windows from Magnum Motorhomes and black sealant. We are back at work tomorrow so won’t have much time to do any work however the weekend will be scary and exciting when we start to cut big holes in the side of our van.

Fingers crossed for dry weather.


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