Windows Done Today

Yesterday the weather prevented us from getting the windows done, but not to waste time Ian spent the time running most of the 12v wiring. The electrics are not my strong point and so as not to feel useless I decided to practise with the continuous zip that I had bought from ebay and make a cushion for the van using the materials I purchased back in November. The zip was easy enough to assemble after watching the YouTube link supplied and I am quite happy with the results. More cushions to follow.

This morning the weather was much better and we decided to got for it and get the windows done. It turned out to be a longer job than we expected. This was not because it was overly difficult but being the first real holes we had cut in the van we were a bit over cautious. We made a template for the opening and positioned it where we thought the windows should go. Ian cut the holes with the jigsaw but they were a bit too tight. We were reluctant to go cutting more off in case we overdid it so a lot of filing was required to make sure the windows were a nice fit.

I got to use my new woodworking tools to build the frames for the windows. This involved having to chisel out channels where the reinforcement struts were in the cut panels. We also needed to add in some temporary 6mm ply strips to hold the space until we are ready to put the main ply on the walls.

Ian put a bead of black sikaflex round the outer frame of the windows, we put them in place and screwed on the inner frame. The job was done albeit a lot later than we expected but we were pleased with the results and quite content with our first major job of the build.

We are now going to look at controllers,  fresh and waste water tanks and  level sensors. Hopefully we will get them ordered and delivered and be ready to fit them next weekend.


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