More Electrics

Having run a lot of the wiring from two 12V fuse boxes previously I realised a lot of this becomes redundant when you use the PC200 kit, so after temporarily mounting the PC200 controller; 12V distribution box; circuit breakers and battery charger I rerouted about half of the wiring through the 12V distribution box. I should really have bought the PC200 kit earlier.

Ran the 240V circuits from the circuit breakers. Still got a few more 240V circuits to do tomorrow.

Plan on cutting a hole in the van wall tomorrow to mount the hook up bulkhead connector; and then wire the 240V supply to the main breaker. Then plan on connecting the leisure battery and the van battery to the 12V distribution box.  After that I have got all of the 12V returns to wire up and then connect the 12V ignition signal to the 12V distribution box.

Mounted the LED rooflights temporarily so hopefully these will be working after tomorrow.


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