More Electrics

After Wendy’s previous comments, I made it home late Friday afternoon (no thanks to Continental)  so I got some more electrics done on Saturday.

The car battery is now connected to the PC200 and all of the fused 12V circuits external to the PC200 are connected. I have ran about 60% of the 12V returns so still got these to finish and run a few more 240V circuits. Also, still got to find a 12V ignition signal and wire this to the PC200. The two batteries are now fused thanks to Wendy’s wee trip to Halfords.

I feel like the electrics are going on forever. I underestimated the amount of work and wiring required. At this point I have ran about 150m of 12V auto cable; 11m of battery cable and around 8m of electrical mains cable.

We also collected the 3 mini Hekis so if Sunday’s weather is dry we can make a start on these.


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