The Hekis…

Started today with dry sunny weather and therefore time to fit the Hekis. After opening the box and checking the measurements we realised that the ridges in the roof were a real problem. Consulted various blogs and online sources with advice to pack up the ridge to seal against a flat surface; and contradictory advice that the Heki will never seal on a ‘raised’ ridged surface.

We spent several hours measuring and remeasuring and contemplating before deciding to go for it.

Wendy made a gasket (from an old foam tile we used on the awning floor in the caravan) to raise level with the ridge height and we cut out the hole in the roof and built the wooden frame. It was concerning climbing onto the roof to jigsaw and seal. Fortunately it took my weight.

One Heki fitted and one more to go. Hopefully the first one seals watertight!! We will need to find a smaller window for the toilet roof as this Heki definitely won’t fit there. With a bit of luck the nice man in the caravan shop will take it back or exchange it for something else!

Finished the 12V wiring apart from the ignition switch.

With the side door closed and the rooflight open it is actually starting to look like a motorhome!!


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