Slow progress this weekend…

Well the weather could not have been better this weekend and we were hoping to get a lot of work done. The plan was to fit the Fiamma awning to the roof of the van and also fit the smaller Fiamma rooflight above the area that will become the bathroom. This would then mean that for the moment we could then turn our attention to the inside and start to reline the van and build some of the internal structure.

However!!! The failure of the awning to arrive in time put the brakes on these plans. Up until now we have been really lucky with ordering things online. Everything so far had arrived as stated and I suppose that had made us a bit complacent. The awning was to arrive in two packages, one with the brackets and one with the awning. The brackets arrived but the awning didn’t. The courier doesn’t deliver at the weekend so it will be Monday now before it comes.

The positioning of the brackets and the rooflight are dependent on one another being in the correct place and therefore we are very reluctant to cut a hole in the roof until we see the awning in place.

As we don’t have the parts yet for any of the other big jobs we need to spend this weekend tidying up some of the smaller jobs that were outstanding.

Ian is away in Switzerland this week so it will ne next weekend before we can get these things done. Fingers crossed the weather is as good as this weekend.


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