Walls Taking Shape

Finished all of the insulation on Saturday, but could not proceed with fitting the wallboard as B&Q had returned all of their plywood to their suppliers. All timber merchants were closed Saturday afternoon so need to wait.

Bought plywood on Sunday and cut sections to extend the plywood from the original van plywood lining to the roof. Wendy then covered this with carpet and we’ve fitted two of the rear offside panels. This took quite a while as we cut out holes in the plywood and carpet for the various electrical cables, sockets and switches.

Spent some time planning which panels to cover and fit next dependent on other things that have still to be fitted. Thinking about whether it’s better to fit the bulkhead fresh water fitting, and others, before fitting more wall panels. Is it better to cut through the plywood covered with carpet once it is mounted, or is it better to cut holes in the plywood and carpet before the walls are fitted?

I am on holiday on Friday so we plan to work on the van over the holidays and make a trip to Magnum Motorhomes in the van to buy a load of materials. Hopefully progress will speed up…


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