Lining the walls

We’ve had a busy couple of days finishing off lining the walls of the van. We had managed to get a bit done last weekend but these were pretty straight forward as there was very little cutting and not much wiring to route through.

This time we had the window and the wiring and electrical boxes to contend with. The problem with the window was that it was recessed in from the ply lining and so we had to do a bit of thinking as to how we could make it look neat. Eventually we came up with a solution that looks good and although it was time-consuming we are pleased with the results.

The panels on the driver’s side all had many wires that had to be brought through, so working out the exact locations to drill the holes was also a bit of a challenge. Ian had temporarily mounted the electrical boxes when he did the wiring so the power needed to be disconnected and these taken off so that they could be remounted on the finished board.

The passenger side was a bit more straightforward as all the panel were quite straight and there is very little wiring on that side of the van. This side had a little bit where the carpet had to be stuck straight on to the van metal work. We weren’t sure how this would go but it was actually quite easy and the results are pretty good.

The lining of the walls is now complete and all the wiring is back in place. We still need to cover the bulkhead and the door panels but these will need to wait for another day.



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