The sliding door…

Today we were a bit later in starting, mainly because there are other things that still need to be done like food shopping, ironing and cleaning the house. Having finished the side walls yesterday we decided to start by tackling the side door today. Once again we had to think about how we were going to tackle the frame round the window.

We had saved the plywood that had been on the door when we bought the van. The problem was it was too big to fit right back against the window. Ian trimmed the wood down while I covered the door with the lining carpet. This proved more of a challenge than I had anticipated and I am not entirely satisfied with the finished results.

Once the door had been covered with carpet we covered the ply with the material we had purchased on eBay to cover the seats and trims. The material seems to be either love it or hate it. We love it everyone else hates it, one thing is for sure it will be different from every other camper van. When the carpet had dried we fitted the panel in place and screwed the window frame back in place, the smaller panel at the top was also screwed in place and the whole thing looks really good.

We still have the bottom of the door to finish. This is because the panel from here was damaged when we bought the van. We just need to buy a bit of hardboard and use the old bit as a template. We will be visiting the timber merchant after the holiday weekend so we will pick up a bit then and finish the door. After that we have the bulkhead and the rear doors to cover but we will need to order more carpet for those.

Forgot to say yesterday that we popped into Ikea and picked up a couple of sets of bed slats. We hope that before the end of the week we will have built the fixed bed in the rear. I think then the whole thing will really start to take shape.

Tomorrow we will make a start on the tanks then in the afternoon we are setting off for a trip to Magnum Motorhomes. We are planning to buy the wall boards we need to build the furniture and all the bits and pieces to go along with it. We also need to get a water pump and some extra piping to complete the water system. Looking forward to the visit as people say it is a real Aladdin’s cave, so no doubt we’ll see some other bits and pieces we just have to have.

Off now to bid on some cushions I have spotted on eBay. They are in Telford but if lucky enough to get them at a reasonable price we can collect on Tuesday on way back from Magnums. Will need to trim and recover them but they are sprung cushions in the layout we have planned. If I get them for cheaper than I could buy the foam then I will have won a watch. Fingers crossed.


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