Trip to Magnums Motorhomes

We travelled on Monday evening down to Grimsby as we wanted to be at Magnums early today.

The SatNav took us first to a dead-end then to a very narrow dirt lane. We called and asked for directions and yes the dirt lane was the only way in. Once inside we spent a fair amount of time looking at all the bits and pieces. The bathroom and furniture displays that they have built gave us some good ideas. It was good to see how the things went together and we have come away a lot more confident.

The staff were very helpful and helped us to gather together all the pieces we had on our list. They also checked out the PC200 waste water sensor as we were not sure it was working. A look at theirs and a quick phone call to the distributor explained how it works and it seems all is well with ours. They also gave us some good advice on the waste water system and showed us a quick way to convert the tank so we have an independent inlet for the shower tray.

We got the wall board that we needed, all the gas stuff and all the plumbing stuff. We could have bought a lot more, we picked our cooker, fridge, sink and toilet, but storing things until they’re needed can be a problem so we will just order as needed.

We left and headed over to Telford to collect the cushions we had won on eBay. The SatNav once again pointed us towards a narrow lane with bollards on either side. Another phone call and once again we were told that is the only way in. We squeezed the van through and went to pick up the cushions.

The guy selling them is also converting a van and is breaking caravans for the bits he needs and selling off the rest, hence the cushions.

We spent a bit talking window, water tanks and the like before heading back up the road. All in all a successful couple of days.

Tomorrow we fit the tanks and the water pump…


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