Water systems and rooflining…

We’ve had a busy couple of days since coming back from our trip to Magnums. The cold water system is now in place. Drilling through the floor proved a bit of a challenge but once Ian had developed an effective technique he made good progress. The fresh water tank was installed under the driver’s side of the van. The fresh water inlet and the breather pipe were also fitted as was the drain valve. Ian installed the pump on the floor inside the van in the area that will become the seat base.

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We also spent time deciding on the best position for the waste tank. It will be mounted just in front of the spare wheel carrier. This will avoid jacking point, brake pipes and the like meaning we shouldn’t need to remove the tank to carry out maintenance on the van.

The roof lining has also been started but we still have one small bit to finish. We have covered the roof ply in leatherette. There was a fair amount of cutting to do round the rooflights and cutting the holes for the roof lights. The results look pretty good and we are really pleased with it. We ran out of time tonight but will finish the last wee bit tomorrow.

As well as this we will try to find a cheap off cut of lino and lay it on the floor and make a start on building the bed.

Today also marks the 60th day of the build. We need to send some pics off to the insurance to show them the progress we have made so far. It also means we need to review our plan and make sure we can have all the requirements for the insurance completed by the 120th day. We are well on the way but need to make sure we have the bed, cooker, wardrobe, seat and table in place!

It will also be good to get some of the materials out of the house and installed in the van. Everywhere you look in the house there are parts that are intended for the motorhome.

It’s all starting to take shape now and you can actually start to imagine what it might be like to spend time travelling in it.


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