Finishing off the inside shell…

Today we finished off the inside shell. We started by completing the roof lining and installing the bathroom light.

Ian then counter sunk all the screws in the floor in preparation for laying the lino. As we had reused the flooring that was in the van when we got it we needed to fill in the gaps that had been cut for the load tie down points.

We managed to find a cheap bit of lino in the wee carpet shop in Johnstone. We spent some time this afternoon putting this down. This means that the shell is now complete and we are ready to start building the interior structure. The plan is to start at the rear of the van with the fixed bed and then build the front seating.The area between the two will become the kitchen.

We have a couple of days until the holiday is over and we are back to work. Hopefully we will meet our target and the fixed bed will be built by then.

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