The Fixed Bed

Today started off badly. We went to the timber merchants to buy the wood for the fixed bed. We had worked out how much we needed based on lengths of 2.4m. However when we were about to place the order we were told that they were in 4.2, 4.5 and 5.1m lengths. We hastily recalculated and placed the order only to be told to come back in an hour.

Ian returned to collect only to find that there wasn’t enough cut pieces to build the bed. It turned out the assistant had tried to be helpful combining the bits we had asked for but had not given us the remainder of the cut lengths. We got it sorted and returned home to start building the bed.

After such a bad start the bed building itself actually went really smoothly. We had bought a set of slats from Ikea and we fitted these onto the frame we had built. The only hairy bit was screwing the bed frame to the wall  as the screws required were so long we were concerned they would come through to the outside of the van. Luckily they didn’t.

Now that the bed is in place we can really start to get a sense of the whole thing taking shape.

We had hoped to get to this point by the end of the holiday week and we have. Next the seat boxes at the front end of the van!


2 thoughts on “The Fixed Bed

    • Thank you for your comments, sorry for the delay in replying.

      We built the bed frame from 95 x 20mm wood and inset 65 x 20mm wood to support the bed slats. We bought the bed slats from Ikea and cut them to size.
      We made the legs supporting the bed frame from 45 x 45mm wood.

      Hope this helps.

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