Front Seating and Bed

Built the front L shaped seating this weekend. Actually had to build it twice as I made one side too short the first time; and I forgot that the top was to hinge open as well.

It doesn’t look like a full weekend’s work, but there was actually a lot to it. The wood needed predrilled and countersunk for every screw otherwise it split; and there were two trips to buy wood.

Wendy is going to order more carpet to cover the bulkhead. Once this is done the L shaped seating can be screwed to the floor. The front panel has still to be fitted to the slats that extend to convert the seating to a bed; and the end panel is to be fitted at the sliding door. These will be the next jobs along with fitting the board from the top of the rear fixed bed to the roof. This will close off the rear living are and create the ‘garage’ storage area under the bed.


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