The interior continues..

Today we continued with the van interior. The carpet we had ordered arrived and we were able to carpet the bulkhead. It was a bit fiddly getting the edges neat but we got there and the end result is really effective.  Getting rid of the dark grey has really made a difference to the inside of the van.

Once this was done Ian was able to screw the front seat boxes in place. the front and sides still need to be covered but any time now I can make a start on recovering the cushions and getting them in place.

We put the new panel on the sliding door. We had originally used the damaged original panel and disguised the repair by padding the board with wadding. However the extra depth meant that it rubbed along the outside of the van when the door was opened. Eventually the panel would have gotten really dirty so we had no option but to revert to the original plan and make a new panel out of plywood. The padded one won’t go to waste however, it will be recycled and used as the headboard for the fixed bed.

The final job of today was the board for the rear of the van. This was a hard job as there wasn’t much room for manoeuvre with the board and we had to trim the edges little by little until it fitted in place. It’s now sitting in place ready to be fixed tomorrow.


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