The Router…

Today was a first for us. We used a router for the very first time!

We had purchased some knock in edging to finish off the edges of the furniture board we are using to build the furniture in the van. This required a channel to be made in the centre of the wood. After a bit of internet research it seemed that the best idea was to buy the special bit sold by CAK tanks. We had already spotted a router on special offer in B&Q and the collett size was a match for the bits we needed from CAK. Having purchased both we were ready to have a go.

Ian practised on a couple of off cuts of board and was then ready to try the real thing. He did a great job and the edges, especially the curves on the bed end and the pull out for the front bed look fantastic.

I spent a fair bit of the day recovering the corner back cushion. I had dismantled the old cushion last week and at that point thought I knew exactly the order it had come apart in. However a week is a long time and it took my memory a while to think out the exact order I needed to sew the bits together. Got there eventually and the results are fine.

Tomorrow I hope to get the base cushions cut to size and maybe get some of them covered. Ian plans to start building the wardrobe tomorrow.

Only 35 of our 120 days left so we need to start prioritising and making sure we have completed all the bits needed for the insurance.


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