The kitchen, the plumbing, gas locker and the cushions…

This weekend saw us continuing with the kitchen. We decided where everything was going and Ian made a start on the build. So that everything could be pushed back into place Ian also needed to run the water pipes from the pump and make a start on the gas installation.

He made the gas locker from plywood and mounted the regulator. We also had to purchase the worktop for the kitchen as there are lots of bits that need to happen at the same time before the kitchen can be completed.

I made a start on covering the cushions starting on the largest one. I was a bit tired from my week away with the school so didn’t get any more done on Saturday and on Sunday Arlene and I went shopping for prom shoes.

Ian was hampered by the weather on Sunday as now the van is filling up he needs to cut the boards outside and it poured all day.

The gas installation will be finished and the vents cut for the fridge and then the kitchen will be completed.  Things are coming along nicely.


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