The Kitchen, Gas and Cushions cont…

This weekend we had a number of other things that needed to be done so we had limited time to work on the van. That said there was a number of thing we wanted to get done.

Ian started by cutting out the worktop to fit in the sink and the cooker. This looks good, the black cooker and sink glass match the worktop well and we are really pleased with the finished results.

The rest of the weekend Ian worked on finishing the kitchen cabinetry and then moving on to the plumbing both water and gas.

The gas locker is almost finished and the manifold and regulator have been mounted. All the gas piping has been run as has the waste from the kitchen sink.

The fridge and cooker have both been connected to the gas, mains and 12v. Once everything has been screwed in place they will be ready for use.

I continued to work on the cushions. There are only two more to do and then I will need to replace the buttons.

As we get more done we are more keen to get out in the van. Won’t be long now until it will be usable, there are still lots of bits to complete but the bare bones that will make it a usable van are almost there. Time soon to start planning our first trip!


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