Disaster strikes…

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner of later.. Today I continued to work on the cushions sacrificing a day in the good weather for a day at the sewing machine.

As I was sewing Ian was installing the vents and the flue for the fridge. This was not an easy job as the cross members of the van were just at the height the vents needed to be at. Ian worked carefully to plan things out and make a start on the cutting.

The first vent and flue were hard work but we got there, however when cutting for the second vent the van lights came on and there was a smell of burning electronics. Ian disconnected the battery and the car battery and got to work investigating. This involved completely dismantling the kitchen and unscrewing the panel from the wall. This exposed the wires from the PC200 which had been cut through by the jigsaw.

Hopefully once they have been soldered back together and a minor repair made to the board we will be back on track.

We have been very fortunate so far that everything has gone according to plan so I suppose we must have been due a wee set back. The damage will be repaired tomorrow and everything put back in place and we will be ready again to move on…


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