The Deadline Looms…

We are heading at great speed towards the 120 day deadline to comply with the insurance company requirements, it will be upon us next weekend. Keeping that in mind we have been working on the bits we really need to get finished. The whole conversion will not be complete by this date but the van will be functional and we will have a few trips away before our main summer holiday.

Today Ian finished off the gas box, fixing the tie down kits in place and drilling the gas drop hole. He then cut the hole for the door in the wardrobe. We have ordered the door from Magnums and it will be here mid-week.

The next job was to make the table, this involved drilling more holes in the floor, making the table top and then assembling the parts. It looks great and is just the job.

The dog cage was put under the bed and Max took to it straight away. Ian cut the access hole in the front and once we secure the cage to the floor it will be ready for the dogs to travel.

Finally today Ian changed the front panel on the fridge. We had managed to get an offcut from Magnums and it has transformed the look of the kitchen.

Everything is now in place for the insurance, the mattress is on order and will be delivered Thursday.

There’s still a lot to do but we are delighted with what we have achieved so far.


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