Finished kitchen, gas and overhead cupboards

Fitted the flue from the fridge to the bulkhead vent. Pressurised the gas system and leak checked all fittings.

Tested the cooker, hob and the fridge all running on gas. Everything works fine.

Sealed the sink to the worktop and connected the hot & cold water to the kitchen taps, and connected up the waste to the sink. Screwed the worktop down to the kitchen frame and to the bed frame.

Cut out the Maple board for the overhead cupboards across the bulkhead; and for the overhead cupboards running along the offside of the van. Checked the door positioning and cut out the oblongs for the cupboard openings. Now need to order the hinges from Magnums. Still to cut out the cupboard end panels and then fit the overhead cupboards to the van’s walls and roof.

We’ve decided not to fit a microwave and not to fit a shower. This is mostly based upon our intention to mostly wild camp, so we won’t routinely have mains electric, nor a water supply. We think the shower will use too much water for these trips. Our fresh water tank has an 88 litre capacity.

We can always change our minds later and add these…

We have two gas bottles and we’ll probably add a second leisure battery, so this should be a good set up for wild camping. We might drive an inverter from the second battery to generate 240V locally. I’ll need to research this a little.

Now off to order more lights, sockets, switches, sink and hinges…


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