The Overhead Cupboards part 2…

Today we continued to work on the overhead cupboards. The basic carcass had been built last weekend but we needed to order the hinges and more knock in edging in order to complete them.

Ian fitted the edging this morning and then he needed to fit all the handles and hinges as it would be difficult to get access to the inside of the cupboards once they were fitted. We needed to fit batons of wood to the wall along the bottom and sides of the cupboard and to the roof along the top of the cupboard. Once the carcass was attached the end panels were screwed to the bottom and side of the cupboard. Although I was a bit concerned at first everything seems really secure and should be able to hold all our bits and pieces.

Once the large set of cupboards was in place Ian fitted the kitchen light and one of the reading lights.

We have made a start on the smaller set of overhead cupboards that will be mounted to the bulkhead and this will be finished tomorrow. If time allows we will also fit the toilet and the tip up sink.


4 thoughts on “The Overhead Cupboards part 2…

    • Hi Julian,
      Ours are the maple curved doors. It seems that on the site they have a dark edge not the white that’s on ours. Might be worth giving them a call as we called them a few times and they were able to supply things we couldn’t see on the website.
      Not sure how many you are looking for but I think we have a couple left in the garage.

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