Overhead Lockers Finished – Toilet Work in Progress

Made the two end panels for the bulkhead overhead lockers and fitted these to the bulkhead. Apart from mounting the LED downlighters, the lockers are now finished.

Cut out the two holes in the rear toilet wall. I couldn’t find the template so had to measure everything out, therefore it took a little longer than it should have. Sealed around the rear wall so once the sealant is set the toilet can be fitted. Plan on doing this mid-week.

Fitted the waste to the tip up sink and marked where the sink will be fitted on the wall. Still to mount the tap and drill holes in the wall for the waste and water pipes. Hope to fit the sink mid-week as well.

Started spray painting the Malaga water heater cowling black (was white) to match the other bulkhead fittings.

The main jobs left to complete are…

– fit the toilet and sink
– cut a hole for the toilet door and fix the wall in place (still to buy the door)
– fit 240V mains sockets, 12V switches, ‘garage’ electrics (240V, 12V and lighting)
– fit the Malaga water heater
– permanently mount the waste water tank (once the toilet sink waste is connected)

At this point we hope to get away for a couple of weekends before the summer holidays Europe trip.
This will allow us to fix any bugs and complete all the wee bits and pieces.


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