2nd Tester Trip..

This weekend we are back at North Ledaig Caravan Park on our second test trip before we head off on our summer holidays.

After the disaster last weekend we purchased a new water tank from Magnums. We went for an onboard model this time just to be safe. This has proved to be a good decision and this weekend we have hot and cold running water. This is the first time the malaga water heater and the sureflo pump has been fired up and so far so good, all working well.

We have a small leak at the toilet sink which will need a bit further investigation but we suspect it may be caused by the fact the van is not 100% level and therefore the water is not being directed straight down the waste.

The dogs have been much more settled too this time, they seem to be getting used to the setup.

After the hellish week weather wise we have been pleasantly surprised by the weather here. Friday night was glorious and we were able to walk along the beach and then sit out watching the sunset until the midges became too unbearable.

Today (Saturday) is absolutely gorgeous. We are just back from a trip into Oban. The sun was shining and the town was awash with people. There is little to beat Scotland on a day like this, just a pity they are so few in number.

We are making a list of some of the things we have forgotten and things that need tweaked to suit us better but all in all this weekend has been very successful and the van is working out better than we had hoped.


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