Aire at Reims; Aire at Lamarche sur Saone, near Dijon & Campsite at Le Petit Bois at Morges, near Lausanne, Switzerland

We have not had WiFi for a couple of days so this is a quick catch up.
On Sunday we drove from Guines to the aire at Reims. This was our first experience of an aire and it was very convenient located between the motorway and canal 5-10 mins walk from the town.



On Monday we drove from Reims to the Champagne region in Epernay.



We then drove from Epernay to the aire at St. Jean de Losne aire, but we didn’t like it…


and so moved on to the Lamarche sur Saone aire…

It was idyllic here right on the bank of the river, and the weather was brilliant.

Wendy planned the route to Switzerland for tomorrow’s trip.


On Tuesday morning we drove from the aire at Lamarche sur Saone near Dijon to Le Petite Bois campsite at Morges, near Lausanne in Switzerland.
We drove through some stunning scenery over the Swiss border and encounted many s bend corners, sometimes many in a row. The drive was glorious and the weather just got better.
There was a lovely view from the top of the hills overlooking Lake Geneva…


We arrived at the expensive Swiss campsite (£37.50 per night), but the scenery and location beside Lake Geneva is brilliant.






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