Wendy’s thoughts on the holiday so far…

I know Ian has been updating the blog on his iPad but I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts and photos on the holiday so far.We set off on the Friday evening to stay at a small 5 pitch site just off the motorway near Lancaster. The site itself was lovely and the setting was really peaceful. What it failed to mention in the directions was that it was down a single track road with hedges so high on either side you had no way of knowing the what was coming until it almost hit you head on! I am not the best passenger in normal circumstances but I may have gotten a little harassed on this road.

First night of holiday

On Saturday we headed for Dover, we expected the traffic to be bad on the approach to London due to the Olympics so we had given ourselves loads of time. Apart from the usual delay at the Dartford crossing the roads were really quiet and we were at Dover really early. We have always found P and O to be really accommodating and yet again they put us on the next ferry and we were sailing within 20 mins.

On the ferry

We had planned to stay in the Aire at the beach in Calais and as the ferry approached the harbour we could see a number of spaces. However by the time we docked and got there the place was full. We though about waiting to see if anyone left but decided just to head to Guines campsite about 10mins outside Calais.

Next day we headed for Reims. We found the aire here no problem and although it was full when we arrived someone left and we managed to get a space. It was really just a car park behind the youth hostel but it was just a hop over the bridge into the city and right on the canal. We had a nice walk round the Cathedral in the afternoon and took some photos for the kids to see if they  remembered being here when they were small. In the evening we found a nice restaurant to have dinner and finished off with a walk along the canal where there was some sort of summer festival happening.

In the morning we headed to Epernay to visit the Mercier Champagne house. We have been many times before and to other ones but this is my favourite as I like their pink champagne best. Just need to decide now when to drink it. Maybe when Ian gets a new job.

From here we headed to the Aire near Dijon only it wasn’t there. The GPS took us over a level crossing and said we had arrived, we hadn’t! We had passed one on the road so headed back there. It was on the canal but also on the main road so I didn’t fancy it. We found another in Lamarche Sur Soane, it was on the river and was idyllic. We had a lovely evening sitting out in the sun.

Yesterday we headed from there to Switzerland. We headed for a site on Lake Geneva. The views were stunning as we approached the Lake with the Alps in the backdrop. Although the site was really expensive the location was great and we had a great view of the Lake with Mont Blanc in the background.

Today we left Switzerland and headed for Turin via Geneva and Chamonix. Again we had spectacular views for the whole journey and spent some time wandering about Chamonix with Mont Blanc in the background.

The queue for the tunnel through Mont Blanc into Italy was huge but we finally made it to the entrance only to find we needed to pay 55 euros for the privilege, our most expensive toll so far.

The scenery in Italy was quite different from France and Switzerland and definitely not as appealing.

We have arrived at the campsite. My Italian is not good but the website most certainly made it sound better than it is! It’s in the grounds of a stately home and the house itself looks lovely but the campsite is like a relic from the war!! Italy hasn’t been my favourite place and I am glad we are moving on to Monaco area tomorrow!!

We plan to stay there for a few days and visit a few places along the coast including Monaco, Nice and Antibes before taking a different route through France back to Calais.


1 thought on “Wendy’s thoughts on the holiday so far…

  1. Loved to share the journey through your eyes Wendy. Know some of the places you went through from ski hols. Sounds like it is all very stress free. Have a safe journey home .

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