Made it to Monaco!!!

Well we’ve actually made it to Biot near Antibes in the Core D’Azur, but we drove past Monaco to get here.
We are planning on visiting Monaco on the train tomorrow.

We drove South from the Turin campsite this morning through Italy into France and then along the Cote D’Azur past Monaco to Antibes. The first campsite wasn’t suitable, but we got a pitch at the second – La Vielle Ferme. It’s boiling hot (33C) and very busy here, we actually got the second last pitch at the second campsite we tried.
I like not booking and accepting we take our chances, but I think Wendy finds it a little harder to work that way.

The road from Italy into France was very hilly and twisty with tunnel after tunnel, after tunnel. Much of the road was built out from the hillside on bridges. Wendy loved it!
It was an expensive day for tolls. We’ve actually lost count today, but think we spent €50+ on tolls today.




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