This Time Last Year…

This time last year our camper conversion was just a pipe dream. We had decided to put our caravan up for sale straight after the new year but neither of us really thought it would sell before the start of the camping season in late March. Fortunately we were wrong and the van sold straight away in time for us to go and look at a Sprinter we had been watching on eBay, it was just what we were looking for and with the deal done our dream started to become a reality

mercedes sprinterI am sure at this stage everyone was thinking we were mad but we had a clear plan, had done our homework and were confident we could pull this off. Every weekend and a good few week nights were spent working on the van as was a weeks holiday in April. Steadily the van started to take shape. There were highs and lows along the way but the highs by far outweighed the lows and by the summer the van was ready for its trip to Monaco.

Unfortunately just before the holiday we got some bad news regarding Ian’s job and although we had a great holiday we were not sure if we would be able to hold on to the van and it looked like our last night in Boulogne might be our last night abroad in the van we had worked so hard to create.

sunsetThings eventually sorted themselves out and we were able to keep the van. As we have still to put a heater in it we were not really able to use it during the winter months but hope that is something we can solve in the near future.

So we now find ourselves a year down the line and we have some new plans for 2013.

Firstly the van needs a heater. As we hope to do more wild camping this year we have decided to go for the gas only version of the Propex HS2000, an outlet in the main living area and one in the toilet compartment should mean the van will be nice and toasty even in the coldest of Scottish weather.

We also plan to get a Fiamma cycle rack to attach to the back door of the van. This will give us a bit more flexibility to travel around the areas we are staying in without always taking the van.

Another addition at some point in the future will be some solar cells. Again this will help us to be self-sufficient and do more wild camping.

We’ve also given some thought to this years holiday. Having spent a great holiday 19 years ago in the Outer Hebrides we plan to return. We’ll buy an Island hopper ticket and visit as many Islands as we can. Before that however we hope to get away for as many weekends as possible and also fit in a wee week at Easter somewhere.

Chapel Hall CampsiteA year down the line our camper conversion is now a reality and we are looking forward to many camping nights in 2013.


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