A Visit to the Scottish Show…

Despite the snow outside today it feels as though the camping season is almost here. This week marked the year anniversary of our picking up the van and therefore the need for an MOT. We put the van into Roadside in Paisley and it passed 1st time no work needed. We were really pleased as due to circumstances the van had not moved since it had been parked after our summer holiday last year.

Yesterday we visited the Scottish Caravan Show at the SECC. We really just wanted a wee look in some motorhomes to see if there were any gadgets/upgrades we would want to do in our van but we really didn’t see anything that we would want to change in our own van.

Last year we had visited a stand that sold windproof membrane panels for wind-out awnings. As we didn’t have an awning they weren’t on our shopping list then but we liked the idea and decided we would see if they were there this year. Sure enough they were and had upgraded the product so we bought a front and two side panels. We intend to visit the Hebrides in the summer and last time it was quite windy so we are hoping they will do the trick this summer.

Ian spoke to one of the stall holders about installing a refillable gas tank in the van. It would go under the van and would free up a large amount of space in the rear garage area but most importantly it would mean that in Europe you wouldn’t need to worry about running out of gas. Calor is not sold in Europe therefore being able to fill up at a garage if you run out seems a viable option. This is not a job for this season as we don’t plan to travel abroad this year but might be something to purchase at the show next year.

The main project for the start of this season is to install a heater in the van. The Propex HS2000 has always been in the plans and we have left space for it under the seat area. We thought we might have picked one up yesterday but no luck. Guess we will just need to order online and get it fitted over the next few weeks.

Finally we purchased an awning tie down kit. We guessed if we needed the windbreak sides we really needed the tie down kit. We are ready for the season ahead.P1060089


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