Propex Heatsource 2000

This weekend we have been installing the heating in the van. We did not get round to this last year before we went on holiday therefore it was top of the list of jobs for this season. When starting the build we had a plan of where everything was to be sited but as we worked things often had to be tweaked or sited in a different place due to a variety of reasons. The propex wasn’t going to be any different.

Ready for install

Ready for install

The space we had left for the propex was fine but when we looked at running the ducting etc. we realised it would make more sense to move the water pump to the other side of the propex. This meant it would be easier to install the gas pipe and the ducting. After some thought and planning the install went ahead relatively trouble free. The outside temperature sensor will need moved but this is easy enough to do.

The heater and thermostatic control are all working well and we can now look forward to cosy camping regardless of the weather outside.

P1060107 P1060105 P1060104 P1060102 P1060097 P1060113 P1060112 P1060111 P1060108



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