The Fiamma Bike Rack

ImageToday saw the install of the Fiamma bike rack. We had purchased it a few weeks back as I had noticed it on ebay and it looked like it might be quite a bargain compared to other retail sites. As the auction was finishing during the day and we would both be at work we decided on a maximum bid we would be happy with and left it at that. We managed to win the auction and paid just more than half the price of ones on other sites.

We needed to remove one of the rubber stoppers on the back door to allow the brackets to fit and this was a fiddly job involving the removal of the internal panels on the back door. Once this was done the rack was installed and we tried a couple of bikes on it just to chaeck it was ok.

If the weather holds out until tomorrow we may try to get up to Loch Lomond for a wee cycle along the side of the loch. However this now gives us the flexibility to take the bikes whenever we are travelling and means we will be a bit more mobile and able to venture out and about in the area we are camping without having to always take the van.


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