Day Out Loch Lomond

Today we decided to try out the heater and newly installed bike rack with a day trip to Loch Lomond. We put two bikes on the back and one in the van and set out for the Loch. Unsure of how busy it would be we thought we would try to get parked at Duck Bay and if that was unsuccessful keep driving until we found a suitable spot.

The road at Duck Bay was deserted and so we parked up. We gave the dogs a run on the beach and loaned a bike pump to a guy with a puncture before heading along the cycle route along the side of the Loch.

After a while Ian and I turned back but Duncan kept going for a bit longer, cycling to Luss before heading back to the van.

We had put the heater on before we left so the van was lovely and warm when we returned. We made some lunch and by the time we had finished the sun had come out and the view across the Loch was spectacular.

We gave the dogs another run on the beach and Pepsi provided some photography students with some great photo opportunities by deciding to tight rope walk along the branch of a fallen tree out into the Loch. I am sure they were hoping to catch the moment when she lost balance and splashed into the water. However by some miracle she managed to turn round and make her way back into shore with little more than a wobble. I had already put the camera away by this point so missed it completely.

All in all we had a lovely afternoon but I am sure my legs will feel it in the morning.


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