Cofton Country- Day 3

It was torrential rain overnight but by the time we got up in the morning the rain had stopped. The sky was still very overcast and it was cold, probably the coldest day so far since we arrived in Devon. After breakfast we headed off to get the bus from the site entrance into Dawlish. It has been a long time since either of us has travelled on a bus so this was an experience. We left the dogs in the van but there was still three other dogs, including a guide dog, on the bus.

Once in Dawlish we walked along the little river running through the centre. The ducks and the Dawlish black swans were swimming happily. The town centre is getting a bit of a facelift with new pavements being laid, however this meant some of the shops were closed as you could not get access to them.

We went to the Old Mill Tearoom for our Devon cream tea. It was built in 1771ish and was powered by a water wheel which has been refurbished and is still turning today.  The beach was deserted today partly due to the fact that the wind was extremely cold and also the fact that some of the sea wall was demolished by recent storms and work was ongoing to sort things out.

Couldn’t leave Dawlish without trying to win the dogs a toy at the amusements. Sadly I failed miserably but will have another go when we visit Torquay. The Postman Pat van that Duncan loved so much as a little boy has been replaced by a Fireman Sam but apart from that Dawlish hasn’t changed a bit in the 19years since we first visited.

Grabbed some pasties for lunch from Gays Creamery and headed back to the van for a relaxing afternoon.

Deserted beach at Dawlish

Deserted beach at Dawlish

Old Mill Tearoom

Old Mill Tearoom

Inside the Old Mill

Inside the Old Mill

All that's lefy of the cream tea!

All that’s left of the cream tea!


2 thoughts on “Cofton Country- Day 3

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog – really happy to see you’re finally on the road!
    We sold our Camperissimo almost a year ago, but we’re hoping to get a new one by the end of the year – we need a bigger one that fits two adults, a dog and a baby. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind comments. So glad to hear you are all ok. Was a bit concerned when you stopped blogging as it was a great inspiration to us reading your blog. It helped kep us focused on the final goal throughout the build process. Good luck in finding your new van. 🙂

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