The Hebrides Update

Never did quite get to adding to the Hebrides blog. This happened for a couple of reasons, the first being the lack of wifi signal as we moved away from Lewis and also in an attempt to get a signal the mucking up of the settings on our Motorhome Wifi (our own doing). Also the fact that as the weather picked up we spent more time outside and less time attached to a device.

We ended up spending less time in the Islands than we had planned, mainly because of the change in arrangements in Barra. Last time we were there we camped on the grass next to the beach at the airport. This is no longer allowed, in fact wild camping unless in a tent is not allowed on Barra at all. This really spoiled the experience for us so we left a few days early and headed back to Oban and then onto Glencoe. The weather and views were spectacular there so it was no great loss.

All in all we had another great two weeks in the van. Here are some pics of the holiday to give a wee flavour of what it was like.


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