Ravenglass Camping and Caravanning Club Site

For the September weekend we decided to go somewhere other than our usual trip to North Ledaig. We didn’t want to travel too far as it was only a long weekend and we didn’t want to spend most of it driving. The things we like best in a campsite are, set in the forest or near a beach. Having looked at the Club sites Ravenglass seemed to fit the bill, being set amongst woodland yet only 500m from the beach.
The Lake District has in the past caused us some driving challenges but these were when we were towing the caravan. The roads are too narrow in some places for two large vehicles to pass and the tight corners mean you never quite know who you might meet head on, not to mention some of the steepest roads in the UK. However we took the suggested route down to J40 on the M6 across the A66 and down the A595. It was a very easy road and once the morning drizzle cleared up it was a beautiful drive through some wonderful scenery.

Lovely drive to the campsite

Lovely drive to the campsite.

Campsite View

Enjoying the weather

Enjoying the weather

Ravenglass Sunset

Ravenglass Sunset

The campsite itself is set in the woods just before you reach the village of Ravenglass. The wardens were very helpful on arrival and we were on the pitch and set up in no time. The afternoon was glorious and we headed off immediately into the village to get a feel for what was there and what we might want to do over the weekend. The village of Ravenglass is at the estuary of three rivers. In the past it was an important place for the Romans. There is still a lot of evidence of their presence; just up the road from the campsite are the remains of a Roman bathhouse. At present there is a dig going on but it finishes this weekend.

Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Roman Baths

Ravenglass is also at one end of the La’al Ratty – Ravenglass to Eskdale steam railway. We took this trip this morning and it was very nice. The weather and scenery were both great. At the other end we stumbled across a meet of the Rolls Royce owners club. It was unusual to see so many of these cars in the one place.
At the railway station is the Ratty Arms. This is a nice place to eat. An extension has been built to look like a railway carriage and it looks out over the railway itself. We both had a main course, dessert and drinks for under £30.
So far this has been a fantastic weekend. If you like the outdoors and are not looking for much in the way of shopping or entertainment then give this campsite a go.


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