May Weekend in Ravenglass

We have spent another great weekend in Ravenglass. We arrived on Friday, a bit later than normal due to the fact that I wanted to make sure all of my pupils made it back from their residential trip in one piece.
The weather forecast for the weekend was not great but we were hoping for some dry spells so that the dogs could get a nice run out on the beach. It was therefore a welcome bonus that the sun was shining when we arrived. Having set up we walked down to the Ratty Arms to try and book for dinner, unfortunately they were already fully booked so we had to resort to cooking for ourselves. We did however manage to book for the Saturday evening.
The weather for the rest of the weekend was great and we spent our time walking the dogs on the beach, sitting out on the campsite enjoying the sunshine and eating good food at the Ratty Arms and the Inn at Ravenglass.
It was a really relaxing break and a good prep for our trip to France in a few weeks time as it threw up a couple of issues with the van that we need to address. The bathroom light that was working before we left home on Friday had stopped by the time we arrived, so that needs investigating. A wee bit of a rumble when we were breaking means that we will change the front brake discs and pads before we set off on such a long trip. Apart from this the van was still fabulous and I suppose in the two and a half years we have had it we haven’t needed to do anything so we can’t complain. We might even fit in a trip to North Ledaig in the coming weeks.













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