On the drive from Honfleur to Jumieges, near Rouen, the GPS was in cahoots with the toll companies. First crossing a toll bridge over the Seine to then cross back over another toll bridge over the Seine some miles later.
Later we were surprised when we arrived at another river Seine crossing. This time a small free ferry.

Wendy was somewhat light hearted about the unscheduled detour.


We arrived at Camping de la Foret and plan to stay here for a couple of days.

It has been another very hot day so Max took cover under the van as usual, whilst Pepsi prefers being in the cab, with the windows and door open.



There’s a derelict abbey here from 1042. Very impressive.
Apparently William the Conqueror visited here after the battle of Hastings; and Edward the Confessor was educated here.





1 thought on “Jumieges

  1. Hey Wendy,
    We’re back online and we have a new camper van! 🙂
    We’re hoping to get travelling again soon – and reading about your travels too!
    Hope you’re all doing well,

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