The waste and the wardrobe…

Trying to complete everything for the insurance and DVLA deadline before I head off to China on Saturday.
Clipped the gas line and the water pipes to the walls and floor and drilled a hole through the floor for the kitchen sink waste pipe. Mounted the waste tank below the floor. This is only temporarily mounted for now as I will need to run the waste pipes from the toilet sink and the shower later on.
Fitted the wardrobe door and the coat hanger rail.
The fixed bed mattress has arrived, but we haven’t put this in place yet.
Plan on fitting the two doors to the kitchen tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be decent.


Disaster strikes…

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner of later.. Today I continued to work on the cushions sacrificing a day in the good weather for a day at the sewing machine.

As I was sewing Ian was installing the vents and the flue for the fridge. This was not an easy job as the cross members of the van were just at the height the vents needed to be at. Ian worked carefully to plan things out and make a start on the cutting.

The first vent and flue were hard work but we got there, however when cutting for the second vent the van lights came on and there was a smell of burning electronics. Ian disconnected the battery and the car battery and got to work investigating. This involved completely dismantling the kitchen and unscrewing the panel from the wall. This exposed the wires from the PC200 which had been cut through by the jigsaw.

Hopefully once they have been soldered back together and a minor repair made to the board we will be back on track.

We have been very fortunate so far that everything has gone according to plan so I suppose we must have been due a wee set back. The damage will be repaired tomorrow and everything put back in place and we will be ready again to move on…

The interior continues..

Today we continued with the van interior. The carpet we had ordered arrived and we were able to carpet the bulkhead. It was a bit fiddly getting the edges neat but we got there and the end result is really effective.  Getting rid of the dark grey has really made a difference to the inside of the van.

Once this was done Ian was able to screw the front seat boxes in place. the front and sides still need to be covered but any time now I can make a start on recovering the cushions and getting them in place.

We put the new panel on the sliding door. We had originally used the damaged original panel and disguised the repair by padding the board with wadding. However the extra depth meant that it rubbed along the outside of the van when the door was opened. Eventually the panel would have gotten really dirty so we had no option but to revert to the original plan and make a new panel out of plywood. The padded one won’t go to waste however, it will be recycled and used as the headboard for the fixed bed.

The final job of today was the board for the rear of the van. This was a hard job as there wasn’t much room for manoeuvre with the board and we had to trim the edges little by little until it fitted in place. It’s now sitting in place ready to be fixed tomorrow.

The sliding door…

Today we were a bit later in starting, mainly because there are other things that still need to be done like food shopping, ironing and cleaning the house. Having finished the side walls yesterday we decided to start by tackling the side door today. Once again we had to think about how we were going to tackle the frame round the window.

We had saved the plywood that had been on the door when we bought the van. The problem was it was too big to fit right back against the window. Ian trimmed the wood down while I covered the door with the lining carpet. This proved more of a challenge than I had anticipated and I am not entirely satisfied with the finished results.

Once the door had been covered with carpet we covered the ply with the material we had purchased on eBay to cover the seats and trims. The material seems to be either love it or hate it. We love it everyone else hates it, one thing is for sure it will be different from every other camper van. When the carpet had dried we fitted the panel in place and screwed the window frame back in place, the smaller panel at the top was also screwed in place and the whole thing looks really good.

We still have the bottom of the door to finish. This is because the panel from here was damaged when we bought the van. We just need to buy a bit of hardboard and use the old bit as a template. We will be visiting the timber merchant after the holiday weekend so we will pick up a bit then and finish the door. After that we have the bulkhead and the rear doors to cover but we will need to order more carpet for those.

Forgot to say yesterday that we popped into Ikea and picked up a couple of sets of bed slats. We hope that before the end of the week we will have built the fixed bed in the rear. I think then the whole thing will really start to take shape.

Tomorrow we will make a start on the tanks then in the afternoon we are setting off for a trip to Magnum Motorhomes. We are planning to buy the wall boards we need to build the furniture and all the bits and pieces to go along with it. We also need to get a water pump and some extra piping to complete the water system. Looking forward to the visit as people say it is a real Aladdin’s cave, so no doubt we’ll see some other bits and pieces we just have to have.

Off now to bid on some cushions I have spotted on eBay. They are in Telford but if lucky enough to get them at a reasonable price we can collect on Tuesday on way back from Magnums. Will need to trim and recover them but they are sprung cushions in the layout we have planned. If I get them for cheaper than I could buy the foam then I will have won a watch. Fingers crossed.

Lining the walls

We’ve had a busy couple of days finishing off lining the walls of the van. We had managed to get a bit done last weekend but these were pretty straight forward as there was very little cutting and not much wiring to route through.

This time we had the window and the wiring and electrical boxes to contend with. The problem with the window was that it was recessed in from the ply lining and so we had to do a bit of thinking as to how we could make it look neat. Eventually we came up with a solution that looks good and although it was time-consuming we are pleased with the results.

The panels on the driver’s side all had many wires that had to be brought through, so working out the exact locations to drill the holes was also a bit of a challenge. Ian had temporarily mounted the electrical boxes when he did the wiring so the power needed to be disconnected and these taken off so that they could be remounted on the finished board.

The passenger side was a bit more straightforward as all the panel were quite straight and there is very little wiring on that side of the van. This side had a little bit where the carpet had to be stuck straight on to the van metal work. We weren’t sure how this would go but it was actually quite easy and the results are pretty good.

The lining of the walls is now complete and all the wiring is back in place. We still need to cover the bulkhead and the door panels but these will need to wait for another day.


Walls Taking Shape

Finished all of the insulation on Saturday, but could not proceed with fitting the wallboard as B&Q had returned all of their plywood to their suppliers. All timber merchants were closed Saturday afternoon so need to wait.

Bought plywood on Sunday and cut sections to extend the plywood from the original van plywood lining to the roof. Wendy then covered this with carpet and we’ve fitted two of the rear offside panels. This took quite a while as we cut out holes in the plywood and carpet for the various electrical cables, sockets and switches.

Spent some time planning which panels to cover and fit next dependent on other things that have still to be fitted. Thinking about whether it’s better to fit the bulkhead fresh water fitting, and others, before fitting more wall panels. Is it better to cut through the plywood covered with carpet once it is mounted, or is it better to cut holes in the plywood and carpet before the walls are fitted?

I am on holiday on Friday so we plan to work on the van over the holidays and make a trip to Magnum Motorhomes in the van to buy a load of materials. Hopefully progress will speed up…